Jeff's Travel Guide @ Kyoto

Food and Drink


Ramen with Roast Pork/チャーシューメン
A full, thick, rich flavor is one characteristic of Kyoto ramen.濃厚…

Salt Ramen/塩ラーメン
They make their soup stock from chicken. ダシをチキンから取ります。

Fried Chicken & Ramen/からあげ&ラーメン
If you don’t eat the ramen right away, the noodles get soggy. 早くラ…

Dipping Ramen/つけめん
The noodles and the soup are served separately. 麺とダシは別々で出て…

Cucumber Roll Sushi/かっぱ巻
The mythical Japanese creature "Kappa" 河童を英語で言えま…

Sushi in Kyoto/京都のお寿司
It’s a kind of sushi that’s commonly made at home on festival days. …

Different Kinds of Sushi/寿司の種類
Sushi comes in many different shapes. 寿司はいろんな形があります。

A Beginner’s Guide to Sushi/寿司入門
You can eat sushi with your hand or with chopsticks. Either way is pr…

Kitsune Udon Noodles and Inari Sushi/きつねうどんとおいなりさん
There are many different kinds of udon noodles, but this is the most …

Japanese Summer Sweets Kingyo/夏の和菓子 金魚
This looks almost too good to eat. 食べるのがもったいないです。

Japanese Summer Sweets Kohaku Nagashi/夏の和菓子 琥珀流し
It melts in your mouth. 口の中でとろける。

Japanese Summer Sweets Kuzukiri/夏の和菓子 くずきり
Sad to say you can’t take it out. 残念ながら、お持ち帰りは出来ません。

Japanese Summer Sweets Takemizu Yokan/夏の和菓子 竹水ようかん
It looks so refreshingly cool. 見るからに涼しげですね。

Ching-Ming 青冥 / Gion,Kyoto / Chinese Restaurant
Facing the Hanami-Koji street and Shijo street. You will enjoy the …

The Sushi is The Pride of Kyoto
Kate ate sushi with Jeff at a long-established restaurant of Kyoto.We…