Jeff's Travel Guide @ Kyoto

Food and Drink

Ching-Ming 青冥 / Gion,Kyoto / Chinese Restaurant
Facing the Hanami-Koji street and Shijo street. You will enjoy the landscape of Gion. In order to utilize the original taste of the ingredients, we mainly use salt for the flavor and our full body soup. Actually, the soup is the most important element for Guangdong cuisine. Chef Tsujikawa, the master of Guangdong cuisine who have exerted his skill at prestigious hotels such as the Ritz Carton Hotel or Hilton will serve you authentic Chinese dishes suitable for Gion. Yasaka Gion building 5F, Shijo, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Street 268,Gionmachikitagawa (Shijo Street cherry blossom viewing alley northwest corner), 605-0073 TEL:075-551-2671

Ramen with Roast Pork/チャーシューメン
A full, thick, rich flavor is one characteristic of Kyoto ramen.濃厚…

Salt Ramen/塩ラーメン
They make their soup stock from chicken. ダシをチキンから取ります。

Fried Chicken & Ramen/からあげ&ラーメン
If you don’t eat the ramen right away, the noodles get soggy. 早くラ…

Dipping Ramen/つけめん
The noodles and the soup are served separately. 麺とダシは別々で出て…

Cucumber Roll Sushi/かっぱ巻
The mythical Japanese creature "Kappa" 河童を英語で言えま…

Sushi in Kyoto/京都のお寿司
It’s a kind of sushi that’s commonly made at home on festival days. …

Different Kinds of Sushi/寿司の種類
Sushi comes in many different shapes. 寿司はいろんな形があります。

A Beginner’s Guide to Sushi/寿司入門
You can eat sushi with your hand or with chopsticks. Either way is pr…

Kitsune Udon Noodles and Inari Sushi/きつねうどんとおいなりさん
There are many different kinds of udon noodles, but this is the most …

Japanese Summer Sweets Kingyo/夏の和菓子 金魚
This looks almost too good to eat. 食べるのがもったいないです。

Japanese Summer Sweets Kohaku Nagashi/夏の和菓子 琥珀流し
It melts in your mouth. 口の中でとろける。

Japanese Summer Sweets Kuzukiri/夏の和菓子 くずきり
Sad to say you can’t take it out. 残念ながら、お持ち帰りは出来ません。

Japanese Summer Sweets Takemizu Yokan/夏の和菓子 竹水ようかん
It looks so refreshingly cool. 見るからに涼しげですね。

The Sushi is The Pride of Kyoto
Kate ate sushi with Jeff at a long-established restaurant of Kyoto.We…